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Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I know your business hours?
    Our office hours are Mondays to Fridays (except weekends & public holidays), 9am – 6pm.
  • What Certifications of Quality does MedLyves hold?
    MedLyves is an ISO13485 certified company.
  • For any enquiries
    General enquiries, feedback, career opportunities: Technical support assistance: Sales enquiries:
  • What do I use MedLyves products for?
    Health-screening Tele-consultation Health management
  • What features of health-screening do you offer?
    Our products offer the measurement of the following vital signs Height and Weight Blood Pressure Body Composition Temperature Blood Oxygen Level Diagnostic tests And more... Feel free to reach out to us for a more comprehensive overview!
  • Can I customise and choose my own preferred brand of medical device?
    Yes, we have various customisations available. Please contact us at: or We would be happy to discuss your specific needs in greater detail.
  • How does your product customisation work?
    Each product carries different capabilities and are suited for various settings. The tests/ devices integrable to our products are listed in our product catalog under each product description. Feel free to refer to our e-product catalog or reach out to us to find out more. (Scroll down to locate the QR code to our e-product catalog)
  • Who is the MedLyves service suited for?
    Our MedLyves solution is catered for anyone keen to proactively manage their health. Our solution is designed for health and wellness management and monitoring. Get on board today to take charge of your health!
  • Are your products certified?
    Yes, our products are CE-certified and/or HSA approved.
  • Is my data kept confidential?
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  • Where can I download the MedLyves app?
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  • I'm a new user. How do I log-in?
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  • How much is the subscription fee?
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  • Common issues
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  • Troubleshooting steps
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