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About Us

Our Vision

Building meaningful and innovative HealthTech solutions to improve accessibility to healthcare services. 





MedLyves was born from a simple idea mooted by a group of engineers and IT professionals: "Using technology to change lives for the better".


This idea was conceived during the devastating Covid-19 pandemic that killed millions of people, infected many more and compelled governments around the world to impose lockdowns on their populations. The world was suddenly faced with an unprecedented dire urgency to save lives, combat the widespread invisible and deadly virus and to restore the upended social order for humanity.


We, the Medlyveian, are part of a bigger organization which provides technological solutions to the medical, EV and consumer electronics industries. Marrying our technical experience with our desire to contribute to the healthcare arena, we created the Intelligent Medical Kiosk and the idea of “Telemed with Real-time Bio-Data” ™.


Our invention may play a small and humble role compared to vaccines, test kits and other healthcare solutions. Nevertheless, it is a product that combines the expertise and knowledge of experienced engineers and IT professionals with our sincere desire to improve healthcare for the humankind. It is this strong desire that will drive us forward.


Covid-19 has changed the world. Long after the pandemic, everyone will continually have to adjust to life in the ‘new normal”. Our ethos is simple:To provide medical doctors with real time intelligence to detect and prevent diseases in a fast and safe manner.


Towards this end, we will continue to introduce new products that will help to improve healthcare and bring healthcare solutions closer to the community. We will keep pace with the times and constantly update our products to make them more intelligent, more automated, cost effective, safer and user friendly.

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